Considering Change: Is your organization ready?

“If you want truly to understand something, try to change it”

- Kurt Lewin

Successful organizational change initiatives require the internal team to have a good plan and be ready to change it! Our team uses a proven methodology embodied in the PICOR model when assisting organizations to navigate change.

PICOR is an acronym for the 5 key elements of structural organizational change management.

The model is sequential and offers well established tools and techniques that can be used by project managers, HR practitioners, or change specialist to enable successful structural organizational changes.

1. Preparation (to describe/define the change initiative)

2. Identify (your elevator speech)

3. Capacity (to execute the change)

4. Operationalize (the change)

5. Reward (organizational members to sustain the change)

While these steps reflect a sequential roadmap, the process is dynamic. As you mature your understanding at each of these elements you may have to revisit previous assumptions and update your actions.


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