Considering Change with PICOR: Reward

Provide a catalyst to change adoption using strategic recognition & incentive practices. Personalized communications, targeted award offering and other recognition techniques can help your company gain employee acceptance, and minimize worker resistance.

If you want employees to work differently and to behave differently, you will need to reward them differently.

What are the current rewards? How do you give the reward? In the future system, what are the rewards going to be? First, you will need to reward them to change, and then you will need to reward them to work the way you want them to work in the future. You will want to reward them for changing and acquiring the right skills to behave the right way. You will want to reward them for going a bit further than average and doing things right. You will also want to reward them to collaborate, to innovate and to work to achieve global goals than chase local optimizations.

Your change management program and the reward schemes that underpin it must ensure a win-win at all levels and a greater incentive for cross-functional collaboration. Build an effective communication delivery system to highlight early success stories. Publicize and reward aggressively and use your informal communication mechanism to ensure best practices are shared quickly and the company is on the track to sustain the change.


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