The Art of Recruiting - Yes, it's an art!

The art of recruitment is the vital organizational gatekeeping process of defining requirements, sourcing and hiring the best qualified person for your vacancy in a timely and efficient manner. When done well, the process will ensure you are selecting the right candidate that promotes your culture and attracts talent that can differentiate you from your competitors. This includes analyzing the requirements of a job, attracting or sourcing qualified candidates to apply for the job, screening and selecting the best possible candidates, hiring, and integrating the new employee to the organization.

The “art” of this process is communication with all stakeholders and analysis that results in a position profile that describes characteristics, experiences and attributes of the ideal candidate. The reality is that we can apply all the techniques, assessments and tools available to us, but hiring decisions come down to the hiring manger and/or team’s intuition and judgement. It is the key responsibility of the hiring team to act as gatekeepers to ensure only the best qualified candidates pass through your screening processes. Providing standard work flow to compliment and validate your intuition improves your talent acquisition process to avoid bad hires, save time and cost and reduce turnover.

Think of filling vacancies as the opportunity to perform organizational design! The hiring manager and team have the opportunity to critically evaluate and validate the need to fill the vacancy as currently performed, upgrade/downgrade the role, integrate the position into other existing role(s), and create financial equity between similar roles. Taking the time to solicit and reconcile the voices of stakeholders will result in a better hiring process and higher success rate of integrating the new hire.

Does the company meet the 21st-century expectations (Millennials, and whatever comes next)? During this series, we'll be deep diving into the steps below to help you rise above the competition and create an effective recruiting process:

7 Steps to Sourcing and Recruiting Candidates

1. Define position requirements

2. Develop a recruiting plan

3. Sourcing passive and active candidates

4. Conducting the interview

5. Selecting a candidate

6. Closing the search and making the offer

7. Welcome to the team: Onboarding and Orientation


HR Service, Inc. (2020). The Art Of Recruiting.

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